Rocket League 50/50 Strategy

Every Rocket League player whether pro or noob, knows that getting your 50/50 right is EVERYTHING!

Before we give you an in-depth look at the Rocket League 50/50 strategy, let’s talk about what a ’50/50′ is.

What is a 50/50 in Rocket League?

The term refers to the kick-off portion of the match. Each time a goal is scored, or, like human football, the beginning of the match starts with a kick-off.
Players call it a 50/50 because either side of the pitch will have the same amount of players in parallel positions, ready to charge for the ball. The act of charging for the ball is the ’50/50′. Simple right?

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How to perfect your Rocket League 50/50 Strategy

1. Hit it from the side

We’ll start with an extremely simple tip for the Rocket League 50/50 strategy. New players always charge as fast as possible towards the ball. While this isn’t completely wrong, you’ll get to the ball much quicker if you hit the ball side on. It’s also a lot more accurate.

Rocket League Tutorial 50/50
Rocket League Tutorial 50/50 Nielskoek

2. Throw in a flip for momentum

Once you’ve started to hit the ball at a better angle, it’s time to throw a front flip in there! Knowing the perfect time to front flip is crucial. Use the flip to gain momentum as soon as you begin accelerating, and then proceed to BOOST and get that side on contact.

Rocket League: Kick-off strategy guide - Daily Esports

3. Don’t Goal Hang!

We’ve all come up against a player that likes to sit in the goal during kick off. If you’re playing a 1v1, or you’re in a team and your partner isn’t moving, DON’T GOAL HANG! Having all players on one team in the goal can only end badly. I’ve seen a team of 4 sit in the goal during kick-off, they all jumped to save a shot, and they all missed. Don’t be like these guys.


4. Get a feel for your opponents Rocket League 50/50 strategy

Yes, your opponent will have their own Rocket League 50/50 strategy. Whilst following the first two tips, try to figure out what kind of player your opponent is, and then use this to your advantage. Here’s how to react to specific kick-offs or 50/50 strategies.

If they rush at the ball as fast as possible: You should charge at the ball and hit it side on, this will give you more control over the ball. The chances are, your opponent will have to turn around whilst in your goal, giving you the opportunity to get an easy shot.

If they sit in goal: Hit the ball as centre as possible, only boost enough to get the ball off the ground. Nine times out of ten, players that decide to sit in the goal are rookies trying to show off, and they won’t have the technical knowledge of Rocket League to stop a powerful ball hurtling towards their goal.

If they always hit the ball just before you: If the player has reached the ball half a second before you, do the smallest bunny hop. The forward momentum from their car will cause the ball to rebound quickly off of your car and head straight toward their goal. Most players will have no idea what’s happening until it’s too late.

Rocket League: Kick-off strategy guide - Daily Esports

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