Skyrim is still going strong! Not only is it a game that’s omnipresent across all platforms, but it’s a topic that still gets a lot of love. So what better way to share that love, then to make a part 2 of our original SKYRIM GLITCHES article!

In our previous article we covered item duplication, stealing from the thieves guild, unlimited gold, unlimited arrows, and a way to level up by shooting your horse in the face. All of those can be accessed here. But, there are a few extremely powerful Skyrim glitches that we didn’t get to mention.


Markarth Stable Chest

1. Once you’ve fast travelled to Markarth Stables, start heading East down the path (opposite direction of Markarth.)

2. Pass the first bridge and keep heading East.

3. There will be a second bridge ahead of you. Just to the left of it, is a small, grey stone wall.

4. Go to the opposite side of the stone wall.

5. Change to first person, and aim your cross hair at the middle of the wall. Now look at the ground and slowly walk forwards. Boom! There’s the chest.

Solitude Chest

1. Fast travel to Katla’s Farm.

2. Once you arrive, head North up the hill, towards Solitude.

3. Once you get to the archway at the top of the hill, turn right towards the two Khajiit.

4. The chest will be in the grass, just behind the second Khajiit.

5. This one is quite small, make sure you crouch and go into first person mode. It’s tricky, but you’ll find it.

Dawnstar Chest

1. Fast travel to Dawnstar.

2. Once you arrive in Dawnstar, follow the short North path until it bends to the right. Now follow the path East.

3. Continue to follow the path East. The Inn should pass you on your right.

4. As you get to the end of the path, the Iron Breaker Mine will be on your right. The chest will be located amongst the rocks and trees in front of you.

5. Walk towards the trees, you’ll see some rocks on the ground to the right. The middle rock at the back is where you’ll find the chest.


The Setup

1. First, you’re going to need the ability to enchant armour with the fortify alchemy enchantment.

You can get a ring with this ability by starting the quest Ring of Pure Mixtures by talking to Frida at the Mortar and Pestle. Once you’ve done the quest, pickpocket Frida to nab the ring. You can then disenchant the ring at an enchanting table.

Now, enchant a helmet, bracers, a necklace, and a ring with fortify alchemy. Equip all of them.

2. You’ll also need an Alchemy level of 40. With this, upgrade the ‘Alchemist’ perk to level 3, get physician, and also make sure you have benefactor.

The Glitch

3. Head to an alchemy lab and craft a fortify restoration potion. You’ll need:

4. Drink that tasty potion you just brewed.

5. Now go into your inventory and unequip all of your fortify alchemy apparel. Stay in the menu!

6. Pop it all back on.

7. Go back into the alchemy lab and create another fortify restoration potion.

8. Unequip and then equip your items just like last time.

9. Repeat the process until you’ve done it around 9 – 10 times.

10. This is where the Skyrim exploit gets real interesting. Go ahead and craft yourself a few fortify smithing potions and fortify enchanting potions.

You can find what ingredients you’ll need and where to find them for both potions, below.

Fortify SmithingGlowing Mushroom & Blisterwort (Learn how to duplicate them here)
Fortify EnchantingSnowberries & Blue Butterfly Wing (Learn how to duplicate them here)

11. Consuming these potions means you’ll be able to craft impenetrable armour that sells for millions. Similarly, you’ll be able to enchant items with game-breaking effects.


Getting under the Skyforge is already a glitch we’ve covered here. But some players can’t seem to jump out of Whiterun using the barrel. This section will show you an alternative to getting out of Whiterun.

Side Note: Although getting out of Whiterun is done differently in this glitch, the trick used to get under the Skyforge is exactly the same.

1. Head to the courtyard area just behind the Companions headquarters (Jorrvaskr) located near the top of Whiterun. Now grab a bowl off of the table.

2. Locate the two archery targets.

3. Drop your bowl near the wall to the right of the archery targets.

4. Hold down the action button and lift the bowl up, holding it up against the wall.

5. With the bowl in position, push yourself up against it and use Whirlwind Sprint. After one or two tries, you should shoot straight through the wall and appear just outside of Whiterun.

Now simply follow the steps in the original Skyforge Skyrim glitch here. In short, they are:

  • Run around the right side of the building until you get to the bottom of Dragons Reach
  • You’ll see an invisible floor (you can walk right over it)
  • Walk up against the wall and follow it along until you pass right through it
  • You’re now under the Skyforge


1. Get yourself 5 Amulets of Talos. While it is possible to find 5 of them in Skyrim, it can get a bit repetitive searching. So jump over to our item duplication glitch here (it won’t take you away from this page) and learn how to duplicated the amulet.

Where to find the Amulet of TalosLocation
Sold at Belethor’s GoodsWhiterun
in a chest in Ogmund’s HouseMarkarth
The pilgrim ‘Karita’ who is near the end of the 7000 steps has oneHigh Hrothgar
Sold at Radiant RaimentSolitude

2. Now, you’ll need to go and get yourself a follower – if you don’t have one yet, you have access to Uthgerd the Unbroken at any point in the game. She can always be found in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

3. Time to become either a Werewolf or a Vampire.

How to become a Werewolf or Vampire

Side Note: You can be cured of the Werewolf affliction by starting the Companion quest line in Whiterun. You can also be cured of Vampirism by starting the Rising at Dawn quest, which is completely repeatable.

To become a Werewolf: Join the Companions in Whiterun.

To become a Vampire: You’ll need to contract Sanguinare Vampiris from a vampire. This happens during combat or sleeping outside/ in a cave. Or, you can start the Dawnguard DLC quest line for easier access to both afflictions.

4. Find a discrete location (such as High Hrothgar.) This is so you don’t gain a bounty for turning into a vampire overlord or werewolf. Now that you’re there, equip the power, and then save the game.

5. Walk over to your follower, just as you click on them to chat, activate your beast power at the same time. If performed correctly, you’ll begin to transform with the ability to use the dialogue options. If you didn’t time it right, reload your save and try again.

6. You’re now a huge monster, it’s time to politely ask your follower to trade with you. This is where the Skyrim glitch truly begins. Trade over all 5 of the Amulets of Talos.

7. Great! You’ve now given your follower all 5 Amulets of Talos. Time to go into their inventory, and equip them all.

Side Note: Don’t ‘take‘ them! ‘Equip‘ them!

8. Quit out of the dialogue screen, and wait around for your beast power to wear off.

You should now have all 5 amulets equipped and you’ll never need to wait for your shouts to regenerate. Happy shouting!

Side Note: Changing from one beast to another or unequipping the amulets, will result in you needing to do the glitch again.

Skyrim Glitches Videos Part 1 & 2

If you enjoyed all of these glitches, be sure to check out the other 11 in part 1. Alternatively, you can check out the video version below!

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