Skyrim Glitches That Still Work Part 5

Wednesday was Skyrim’s 9 year anniversary. So, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this unstoppable game than doing another glitch segment. There are still hundreds of Skyrim glitches that still work. In this series, we’re working on finding all of them, so you have them all in one handy place.

Be sure to check out Skyrim glitches that still work parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. And let us know in the comments if you learned something new.

Sadly, not all Skyrim exploits and glitches still work. Many glitches like the unlimited gold exploit and the invincible glitch are long gone.

Before we get into it, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve found a new working Oghma Infinium glitch that still works in 2020. You can find the glitch here. (Clicking the link won’t take you away from this page).

Every Spell Tome in a Secret Chest

Want a specific spell, but can’t find who sells it? No worries, we’ve gotcha covered. There’s a hidden chest in Solitude that has every Spell Tome in the game, and we’re going to show you where to find it.

  1. Head to the Blue Palace in Solitude.
  2. When you walk through the front door, there will be a platter on the table to your left. Take it. Or bring a platter of your own.
  3. Straight ahead when you come through the front door, there are two sets of stairs leading to the second floor. Head to the hallway behind the left set of stairs.
  4. Half way up the hallway (where the second rug stops) turn to your right and face the wall.
  5. Drop the platter and pick it up by holding X (PS4) / A (Xbox).
  6. Push the platter up against the wall and begin to walk through.
  7. Once you get through the wall, there will be a beam in front of you, keep sprinting and jumping over to it.
  8. Turn around and face where you came in, there will be a chest below you, Drop down and try to hit the open button as fast as you can.

Fly Anywhere Using a Bucket

Really simple one for you here.

  1. Get yourself a bucket with a handle from Katla’s Farm, just outside Solitude. (Pictures of the bucket below).
  2. Stand on top of the bucket.
  3. Hold X (PS4) / A (Xbox) to pick up the bucket, you’ll begin flying once you pull back on the stick, and begin moving the bucket.
  4. It might be worth mentioning that you should have the Become Ethereal shout ready for your inevitable drop to the ground.

Insanely Fast Punching

Sticking with the theme of quick and simple glitches, this will give you lightening fast punches.

  1. Equip the Skull of Corruption in one hand.
  2. Equip any shield in your other hand.
  3. Block using your shield, and quickly click over to your menu.
  4. Now unequip your shield.
  5. You can now drain life bars with a couple speedy slaps

Alternative Sneak Glitch

So here we are, after 300+ comments mentioning this on our first Skyrim glitch video, I caved and I’m now including it. Yes it’s a viable option to level up your sneak. But, unlike the Greybeard glitch, you can’t access the Guardian Stone first.

  1. When you escape Helgen with one of the two NPCs, head deeper in to the cave until you see the sleeping bear.
  2. Stay at the entrance of the room, crouch behind the NPC, and flick your difficulty settings to the max.
  3. Now start smacking the NPC, and watch your sneak level rise!

Get the Ebony Blade early

If you want to be able to get the Ebony Blade at level 1, this glitch is for you.

  1. Head to Dragons Reach and make your way down to the area you meet the Whispering Lady.
  2. The door will be locked and won’t be able to be picked. Jump up on the shelf to the left of the door.
  3. Drop a plate, pick it up using X (PS4) / A (Xbox) and hold it up against the wall.
  4. Run at the plate and you’ll pop into the room with the Ebony Blade.
  5. To leave, hold a plate up against the North wall and keep running at it until you pop back into Dragons Reach.

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