Skyrim Mods For The PS4 You Need To Download!

There’s a few great things about Skyrim and one of them is definitely having fun by applying mods! With so much to choose from, we thought we’d give you a hand. The PC version is renowned for its mod-availability, but the PS4 version has some really great ones too! Let’s get you acquainted with all the Skyrim mods for the PS4 that will absolutely improve gameplay. 

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First, How To Apply!

All these mods will be quite useless to you if you don’t know how to apply them! On the home screen in the Skyrim game, there’s several options for you to choose from. If you’ve already started a game save, the option ‘Mods’ should be the 5th one on the list! Once on this page, find the mod you’d like to install (preferably from this list!), select it, and click ‘Download’. It should now be installed, so you can head back to the home page and start your game! This message below should pop up if you’ve done this correctly. 

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Surreal Lighting By Arindel 

This mod is an early one but it still makes Skyrim look beautiful! It allows for contrast, brightness and saturation in the outdoors which makes everything look much more realistic and believable. Catch the rays of sunlight falling through the trees in this mod! 

Rain And Snow FX By Chesko 

This mod is insane for true environmental immersion! It allows your character to get wet in the rain or after being in water, and their armour gets frosty in colder areas. When it’s raining your armour will also drip water! It’s not in any way useful but it’s such an impressive and convincing mod, you just have to try it! 

ALL Map Locations Discovered By Lusifer30

Sure, this one is obviously a bit of a cheat mod rather than an epic graphics mod, but it’s so useful! If you like to have that headstart without ruining the fun of the game, this is a good place to start. You’re not going to be overpowered or anything, but now you can head straight to Bleak Falls Barrow at the start of the game instead of trekking up the mountain again! 

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The Ring Of GodMode By Darkjesusmn

So, if you thought the last mod was too much of a cheeky cheat, you won’t like this one. It’s exactly what it sounds like. This ring is enchanted so that you have 99999 Magika, 99999 Stamina, 99999 Health, 99999 Carry, Potions are 99999% more powerful, and Weapons can be 99999% more improved. Yes, you’re essentially invincible! This is fun to use if you’ve played through Skyrim a godly amount of times (see what I did there?) and you just want to get another Skyrim fix by being in the world but without the effort. 

These just touch the surface of the Skyrim mods for the PS4. There’s so many more mods you need to check out but part of the fun is discovering them for yourself! Hopefully, these mods intrigue you and you can have an even better time in the encapsulating world of Skyrim! 

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