Sleeping Dogs Fast Money

Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic game with a wide variety of activities to enjoy. To enjoy those activities even more, it’s handy to have a large stack of cash. Here’s a quick and easy exploit to make a fortune in Sleeping Dogs. We reckon you can make millions in minutes with this one. Here’s our Sleeping Dogs fast money exploit!

How To Do Our Sleeping Dogs Fast Money Exploit

Get to a cockerel Fight

Any fight will do. However, the one highlighted below has the highest betting limit. Save just before you enter into the fight.

I hope it’s birds this time…

Bet on a cockerel

Again, it really doesn’t matter which one. Bet as much as possible on one of the cockerel. If your cockerel wins, then exit out, save and bet again. If your cockerel loses, reload the last save and try again until your bird wins.

“cockerel… peck his eyes out!”

Think of all the Pork Buns and Dragon Kick you’ll be able to buy after 20 minutes of this powerful exploit!

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