Steep Top 3 XP And Money Exploits

In Steep, the best way to earn money and credits is through completing the game challenges and levelling up. To earn more XP, you can replay these challenges, but you won’t win the money again. Here is our Steep top 3 XP and money exploits!

Method 1

Jumping off balloons. It’s as simple as that! Head to one of the many hot air balloons across the map. Spawn yourself so that you’re standing on top of the balloon. Ride a snowboard or skis and jump off! Trying to avoid doing front or backflips, but instead focus on steady 360 degree rotations. Your XP and points multiplier will soar! Landing is the trickiest part, which even then isn’t that difficult. Simply aim for a downward slope to land on and make sure you don’t land at an angle. Repeat this step over a few times and your XP will be through the roof!

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Method 2

For this one, you’re going to want to start a multiplayer competition. You’re also going to need a friend to play with. Before you launch the contest, have your friend leave the match, which immediately will grant you 13000 XP! Then, complete the contest alone as you will gain more points for being the only player. This is a fast way to level up and hence earn more money!

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Method 3

Our third Steep top 3 XP and money exploits, will need you to head to Geronimo in the Alps. There’s an easy cliff challenge here that requires you to earn a high score on a massive jump with an easy run-off. Achieve the highest score in one jump and earn 1000 XP! Hit Try Again to repeat this over and over again. The jump only takes twenty seconds max, so you could earn up to 3000 XP per minute if you’re fast enough. Plus, it’s a great way to practise your air tricks!

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