The Ultimate Guide On Getting Prismatic Shards In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has been with us since February 2016 and has been ported to almost all platforms. And the questions players still have is ‘how do I get a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley?’ I actually own the game on mobile, PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch and yet if I didn’t use the duplication glitch, I’d probably be able to count the amount of Prismatic Shards I have on one hand. 

Although we’ve posted many videos on duplicating items to get hundreds of Prismatic Shards, we still get the same question in the comments ‘where can I get a Prismatic Shard in the first place?’
Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! So put down your watering can, hop on your hat-wearing horse and let’s find some shiny Shards.

1. Better Luck Next Time

If you thought finding Prismatic Shards was about hard work, grinding away, and putting the hours in, you were wrong. Finding those glimmering beauty’s is completely luck based, but, fortunately, we have the ability to monitor and manipulate our luck in Stardew Valley.

Each day will grant you a new luck rating that will determine how fruitful your hardwork will be. Simply turn on your TV and watch the fortune teller channel.

The teller will say one of six things which will indicate what your luck rating for the day is.

Predictions And What They Mean:

Fortune Teller PredictionsLuck Rating
“The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune.”At least 0.07
“The spirits are in good humor today. I think you’ll have a little extra luck.”Between 0.02 and 0.07
“The spirits feel neutral today. The day is in your hands.”Between -0.02 and 0.02, but not exactly 0
“This is rare. The spirits feel absolutely neutral today.”Exactly 0
“The spirits are somewhat annoyed today/mildly perturbed today. Luck will not be on your side.”Between -0.07 and -0.02
“The spirits are very displeased today. They will do their best to make your life difficult.”Less than -0.02

Fix Your Luck:

If you’re given a bit of a rubbish rating for that day, fear not, as you can cook up some food to buff your luck.

DishBuffDurationHealth RestorationEnergy Restoration
Lucky Lunch+3 Luck11 minutes, 11 seconds45100
Pumpkin Soup+2 Luck+2 Defense7 minutes, 41 seconds90200
Banana Pudding+1 Luck+1 Mining+1 Defense5 minutes, 1 second56125
Ginger Ale+1 Luck5 minutes2863
Spicy Eel+1 Luck+1 Speed7 minutes51115
Fried Eel+1 Luck7 minutes3375
Shrimp Cocktail+1 Luck+1 Fishing10 minutes, 2 seconds101225

As well as cooking some tasty dishes, you can also find items to boost your luck permanently:

Special Charm:

The Special Charm can be obtained by completing Secret Note #20

Lucky Rings:

You can find many Lucky Rings around Stardew Valley, they are dropped as a special item by killing special monsters or breaking open crates and barrels in the mines, and in Skull Cavern.

2. It’s All Mine! 

Once you’ve got your luck in order, you can begin hunting for the different types of Geodes in the mines or the Skull Cavern. They’re quite a common item to get from smashing rocks, so grab your pickaxe or some bombs and begin descending into the darkness.

You can very easily ignore most of the monsters here, just make sure you smash open all of the rocks on a floor before descending further. 

Once you find a Geode, preferably an Omni Geode, you can leave. You’ll only need one as you can use our item duplication glitch to acquire massive amounts of Geodes.

Alternatively, you can buy an Omni Geode for 1000 gold. You can buy them from Krobus on a Tuesday or the Oasis shop on a Wednesday, and then proceed to duplicate the Geode.

Once you’ve used the duplication glitch, take your stack of Geodes over to Clint and have him crack them open. Keep doing this until you finally get your hands on a Prismatic Shard.

When you have your Shard, head back on over to our glitch video and duplicate the Prismatic Shard until you have thousands.

Now, take your mountain of Prismatic Shards and use them as lazy birthday presents, to acquire the Galaxy Sword, or spam gift them to somebody until they marry you. 

4. Slay 

Ok, I get it, digging in dark dingy caves isn’t your thing. Well, how about fighting in dark dingy caves? There are a few monsters that are known to drop Prismatic Shards.
Those monsters are:



– Shadow Brute

– Shadow Shaman

– Wilderness Golem

5. Guaranteed Prismatic Shard 

If you don’t like messing around with luck or fighting powerful monsters to get ahold of your first Prismatic Shard, there is a location you can grab one, although it won’t be easy.

In the 1.5 patch a huge new area called Ginger Island opened up. As well as some odd jobs and a new farm, you’ll find a new mine called the Volcano Dungeon. Get to the top of this mine and you’ll nab yourself a Prismatic Shard from a chest.

Once you’ve got your Shard, you can then proceed to duplicate it using any one of our simple item duplication glitches.

6. Duplicate Your Prismatic Shards

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