The Warzone Stim Glitch Is Working Again!

About a month ago we were blessed (And cursed) with the Warzone stim glitch. It was great for players who wanted an easy win, and it was down right frustrating for players trying to win the old fashioned way. Well, the glitch is back! No matter where you stand on the subject, you’re here because you want to know how to do the Warzone stim glitch. Well, I’ve gotcha covered!

How to do the Warzone stim glitch

CoD Warzone stim shot glitch removed promptly by developers

Initial Set Up

This glitch is pretty simple to do, but also needs a little luck with regards to the set up. Here are the best ways you can make sure lady luck is on your side.

  1. Make sure you have your parachute auto-deploy off. (You need a frag grenade in the lobby, and the classes given to you are randomised. It’s quicker to kill yourself and start again when your parachute doesn’t auto-deploy.)
  2. Turn off cross-play, in my experience it takes the lobby a little longer to get itself set up. This way you’ve got a bit more time to do the glitch before the game starts.
  3. Put a stim shot in your loadout.

In The Pre-Game Lobby

Now it’s time to do the glitch. Follow the steps exactly as they are.

  1. You need a frag grenade. Drop into the lobby, if you don’t have one, keep killing yourself until you get one.
  2. Once you’ve got your frag, land somewhere clear of enemies.
  3. During the last 3 seconds of the countdown throw your grenade at a wall. Now pick it back up and cook the grenade. (The screen should go black before the grenade explodes.)

In The Game

If everything was done correctly, the next few steps should be easy.

  1. Find yourself a piece of tactical equipment, such as a smoke grenade, a gas etc.
  2. If you did the glitch properly, you can now spam your equipment. Meaning you should have an unlimited amount of tactical grenades.
  3. Either find yourself a stim, or get enough money for your loadout.
  4. Once you have the stim, run into the gas, far away from everybody else.
  5. Now, you’ve just got to keep using the stim until the end of the game.

Boom, you’ve just won the game. This isn’t likely to get you banned, but it’s still a bit of a dick move to everybody trying to play the game fairly. If you’re going to do this glitch, I’d recommend only doing it once or twice.

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