Tropico 6 Infinite Money Glitch

Tropico 6 is a tycoon simulator game that puts you in charge of your very own small island. The most difficult challenge for all new island owners is figuring out how to make money from this big empty space. Fortunately, this Tropico 6 infinite money glitch will make you all of the money you need, even before you see your first resident!

Doing this infinite money glitch will mean players can still unlock trophies/ achievements. If you’re looking for more glitches on your favourite games, don’t forget to jump over to this page. (Clicking the link won’t leave this page). Or, you can visit our YouTube channel for an easier step by step process on all of your favourite glitches and exploits!

How to do the Tropico 6 infinite money glitch

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Step 1

Load into any type of game. It can be on the hardest difficulty, it doesn’t matter. Because this is going to be incredibly easy.

Step 2

Pause the game, and buy yourself as many Rum Distilleries as your wallet will allow. Place them anywhere!

Step 3

Now bulldoze the Rum Distilleries.

Step 4

Save the game, and load it straight back up.

Step 5

For some inexplicable reason, you’ll load back up with more money than you started with.

Step 6

This next step is probably obvious. Buy more rum distilleries, rinse and repeat.

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