Underrated Aspects Of Video Games That Deserve More Recognition

As someone who grew up choosing primarily analytical studies such as Film, I spend a lot of my time breaking down the games aspects while playing them. While others are looking at the gameplay, I’m looking at the story writing. While others look at the extraordinary beasts, I look at the individual grass blades. It’s a blessing and a curse! Read on to see what aspects of video games I think are the most underrated. 

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Sound Effects

The score of a game is something that is incomparably important to the immersion. It’s particularly important in games such as RPGs or horror games. Sound effects, however, are often overlooked. To be fair to them, it may be because they’re so well-done that players hardly notice them! If they didn’t include them in the post-production of the game development they’d certainly be noticed then. Nothing gets me more than a good footstep sound effect (Breath of the Wild is particularly notable for footsteps)!


Lighting is another major importance. I believe people’s attention is occasionally brought to it when there’s a beautiful sunset in the game or it parts through tree leaves for a perfect picturesque screen capture. What most people don’t notice is the colour lighting, or seamless shadow work, or the perfect mixture of light in a dark cave. All of these things would take hours of work to get just right and it ends up being another aspect often overlooked due to being just too immersive. 

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Voice Acting

Voice acting may seem like a component that is already appreciated. But what I think people are appreciating is the voice itself (such as a gruff Texan accent for a cowboy) rather than the importance of the emotive stresses. Voice actors have to put a lot of effort into sounding how the character feels because not everything can be caught so easily through facial expressions alone. Can you imagine if Arthur Morgan just spoke like he didn’t really care about anything despite his on-point accent? Top 10 things I don’t want to have to hear. 

Logo Designs

So this is definitely a no brainer but I’m not sure gamers really understand just how important a logo is. It has to look good for many reasons but a main one is the fact that if the game does well, it will be on everything. Think about it – people get tattoos of the logo of their favourite games! Would people still buy Skyrim merch if it was just a childish doodle of a cutesy dragon? Perhaps not. Logo design is certainly underrated and definitely deserves more credit.

So what do you think? Do you agree that these aspects of video games are underrated? Is there something I’ve missed that you think deserves more recognition?

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