Valheim: How to Catch, Keep and Tame Boars

We all love a good pet in our survival games. A trusty companion you can come home to after a hard day of raiding dungeons. Well, we may be teaching you how to tame boars in Valheim, but it’s not exactly for companionship. You can pet the boars, and they even end up loving you, but don’t get attached… You’ll be (ahem) ‘farming’ them for meat and leather scraps in no time.

Building a pen and keeping boars in Valheim is a brilliant way to get unlimited meat and leather scraps. Just remember that before you start giving them all names.

How to Tame Boars in Valheim

Lay Down a Crafting Station

If you want to catch, keep, and tame a boar in Valheim, it takes, grit, determination, and a Crafting Station. It really only takes a Crafting Station…

Don’t stray too far from your base, find a nice quiet spot, and whack a Crafting Station down.

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Building Your Boar Pen in Valheim

Valheim’s building mechanic is fantastic, and extremely easy. You’ll be able to throw up a nice big boar pen in no time at all. I would recommend using the standard wooden wall to build the fence. It looks a lot cleaner than the wooden Roundpole Fences. Build a decently sized perimeter, but don’t finish it, leave a wide gap.

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Finding your First Boar in Valheim

So, for the next step in taming a boar in Valheim, it’ll naturally start with you finding a boar. You’ll want to make sure it’s nice and close to your base, because you’ll need it to chase you. If you can get two to chase you it would be a big bonus, but one is fine for now.

Lead the boar(s) back to the pen you built them. Once you’re inside the pen, switch to your hammer and put the final piece of fence down to trap them in. Now get out of there before they kill you!

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Taming the Boar in Valheim

You’ve built the pen, you’ve lured a boar or two into it, so what’s next? It’s time to chill them out. Throw some food into the pen, to do this, go into your inventory, click on the food you wish to throw and then click outside of the inventory menu. If you want to throw one item from a stack, hold SHIFT and click the right mouse at the same time.

It’s also worth building a platform outside the pen to help you throw food over.

You can feed a Valheim boar with:

  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Mushrooms (not glowing mushrooms)
  • Carrots

Once you’ve thrown the food in, yellow hearts will show as the boar feeds. It’s important that you leave them alone for the rest of the day, as you’ll anger the boars each time you go near them.

The Next Day

In the morning, head over to your boar pen, and throw them some more food. Be prepared for them to be a little angry still.

If you hover over the boar it will show a ‘tameness’ value. Once it’s at 100% you’ll be able to jump in and pet your boar with E. If you don’t have two, now would be the perfect time to go get another boar.

Be sure to build a second pen on the side of your existing pen. When both boars are trapped, smash through the middle wall so they can be together.

Feed both boars and then leave them alone.

How to Breed Boars in Valheim

Ok, so you’ve got yourself two happy boars in a pen. You can pet them, and feed them. Now, we begin the breeding process. Simply throw your two happy boards some food, and then leave them to it. After a day or two, a ‘Piggy’ will be wondering around the pen.

Now throw out 3 pieces of food, and leave them all to it. After a couple of days Piggy will grow up into a tame boar. As long as they get food every day, they’ll keep breeding.

Extra Tips for Keeping Boars in Valheim

  • DON’T bring a torch anywhere near your tame boars. Boars hate fire, and no matter how tame they are, they’ll freak out and begin charging.
  • Before you start killing the mass of boars you have, always make sure you have a minimum of 4. Tame boars are known to somehow glitch out of the pen and wonder off, so you’ll need a solid number of them to rely on if that happens.

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