Ways To Farm Gemstones In Hades

Gemstones are probably the most important treasure item in Hades, as they are required for House Contractor Upgrades and gaining resources from the Wretched Broker. It’s quite overwhelming when you see how many gemstones you’ll need for each upgrade, especially early on in the game. So, here are some of the ways to farm gemstones more easily in Hades!

Chamber Reward Drops

Gemstones, like other treasures in the game, are most notably found in chambers. The most common thing to look out for are gemstones on the doors leading to the next chamber. If it has gemstones on it, go through it! This ensures that, if you beat the chamber, you will gain gemstones, so go through as many of these chambers as possible. Additionally, completing Infernal Troves may offer gemstones as a reward so be sure to tackle those foes quickly to earn as many gemstones as you can! Don’t forget to purchase the Trove Tracker at the Wells of Charon if you can to detect troves more easily!

Completing Prophecies

The Fated List, which can be purchased through the Contractor early on in the game, is found in Zagreus’s room. This provides a list of prophecies to achieve which will give you rewards. To get gemstones, the prophecies you will want to focus on will be acquiring various boons from the gods as well as Daedalus enchantments for your weapons so treat yourself to all those free gifts from the gods!

Purchases From Shops And Merchants

Another one of the ways to farm gemstones is by purchasing during your journey out of the Underworld at Charon’s Shop for 75 Obols and you can also purchase Gaea’s Treasure (giving you 10 gemstones for 25 Obols) at the Wells of Charon if it’s available. The Wretched Broker has limited time offers for gemstones which include:

  • 20 Gemstones for 2 Chthonic Keys 
  • 200 Gemstones for 1 Titan Blood 
  • 50 Gemstones for 300 Darkness 

So, if you feel brave enough to trade some precious items for those even more precious gemstones, go for it!

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House Contractor Upgrades 

If you head to the Contractor in the House of Hades, there are 2 upgrades that will help you to obtain more gemstones on your journey. The Vanquisher’s Keep is worth 4 Diamonds and awards bonus gemstones after defeating Underworld Bosses.The Darker Thirst Renovation (worth 3 Diamonds) gives you a +20% gemstones on your weapons that hold Dark Thirst. So, start hunting for Diamonds at the earliest possible opportunity!


There are 3 boons that offer you more gemstones. These include:

  • Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure – This drops gemstones in a random assortment of treasures when acquired!
  • Poseidon’s Ocean Bounty – This gives +55% on gemstones, obols and darkness!
  • Chaos’s Slothful Eclipse – This offers +127% worth in gemstones and darkness but at a price of -51% on movement speed for the next 4 encounters

It looks like Poseidon and Chaos are your go-to gods for your gemstone troubles!

Fishing In Tartarus

Catching fish in the first level and the Temple of Styx in Tartarus and turning them into the Head Chef back at the Lounge will offer you a certain amount of gemstones depending on what fish you catch! Here is a list of what each fish is worth:

  • Hellfish = 5 gemstones 
  • Knucklehead = 20 gemstones 
  • Scyllascion = 30 gemstones 

The rarer the fish, the more it’s worth, so get fishing!

Those were the various ways to farm gemstones in Hades!

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