What Gamer Type Are You Based On The Games You Play?

As someone who used to study psychology, finding the psychological reasons behind everyday things can be rather entertaining! Splitting games and their uses into four different person-types is a fun, and purely for entertainment, method of looking into the psychology of gamers on a very simplified level. So, which gamer type are you based on the games you play? 

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The Puppetmaster

The Puppetmaster is a gamer whose favourite kinds of games allow them to control multiple elements. They may not have a lot of control over their real life so seeking out video games that revolve around organising a mess would make them feel at ease. These gamers may play or would enjoy The Sims, Academia: School Simulator, or Cities: Skylines. 

The Dopamine Fiend

The Dopamine Fiend is a gamer we all know. Literally anyone who plays games will know a Dopamine Fiend, you might even be them. The Dopamine Fiend is a gamer who likes games with regular rewards or “winning” systems in place. They might be someone who doesn’t get a chance to accomplish a lot in real life so the dopamine of winning or being rewarded in game is addicting for them, hence the ‘Fiend’. These gamers probably play Apex Legends, Fifa, or Among Us. 

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The Regressor 

The Regressor, as suggested by its name, is a gamer that enjoys simplistic and sometimes labelled as “childish” games. They probably struggle to find comfort and easy enjoyment in their day-to-day life outside of games and therefore seek a gaming world where colourful scenes and simple lifestyles are the norm. These gamers may enjoy Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros., or Stardew Valley. 

The Escaper

The Escaper is a gamer whose preference repeatedly changes as long as they can get fully engulfed by the game. They might not have the easiest life so being encapsulated by a game usually provides an escape from harder times. As previously mentioned, their games of choice can change depending on what consumes them at the time but they are usually either large sandbox-style games such as Minecraft or Breath of the Wild, or they are heavily story-based games such as Skyrim or The Last of Us. 

So, which gamer type are you? More often than not you’ll probably be at least a little bit of all of them but there’s usually a dominant personality type! I’m definitely either an Escaper or Regressor with heavy Puppetmaster hints too. And remember, this is only for fun, just because you like Apex that doesn’t mean you don’t have real life accomplishments! 

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