World of Warcraft Fast AFK XP Glitch

World of Warcraft is massive, and earning XP in it can be a very long grind. Fortunately, we have a working World of Warcraft fast AFK XP glitch for anyone looking to boost their level quicker than ever before.

How to do the World of Warcraft fast AFK XP glitch

Step 1

During the start of Korrak’s Revenge, grab a Stormpike Insignia toy from the NPC at the starting gate.


Step 2

Use the Stormpike Insignia toy as soon as the gates open, you will be transported straight to the Hall of the Stormpike (the big fortress that houses the boss.)


Step 3

Once inside the hall, you’ll notice that bringing up your map won’t show the fortress, but instead the world map of Azeroth. Another strange thing you’ll notice, is using ‘help I’m stuck’ won’t transport you to the graveyard, you’ll be transported to the exact spot you’re stood in now.

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