Fortnite Username Bug Is Causing The Game To Crash

The popular battle royale game Fortnite is no stranger to game-breaking glitches, they’re found on a weekly/monthly basis. But when a player finds a new one, It can cause some disturbance in the community, especially this new Fortnite username bug!

What is the Fortnite Username bug?

This new username bug is causing the player’s game to crash when it is discovered. What is the bug? It’s a Chinese symbol in the enemy’s username. Yup, you read that correctly, a Chinese symbol. Although this seems a far reach from any usual game-breaking bug and glitch in the game, it IS disrupting a lot of players’ from enjoying the game. We’ve attached a video below that shows the bug in all its glory. Although the video itself shows the freeze only lasting around half a second. Reddit users have been complaining that their games have been shutting down once they kill said enemy with the symbol. Check it out below. 

The Conclusion

Best case scenario half a second during a team fight. Although these few frames are very crucial in a situation like this. But on a positive note, it’s impossible for players to use this glitch to their advantage, It’s still bloody annoying though. The only thing to worry about is third-parties once you have this freeze problem as it could be the few seconds between life and death in a team battle. 

What do you think of this bug? Reckon it could get fixed in the next patch update? Let us know on Twitter as we always reply! Did you enjoy this read? Click here for more Fortnite related content.

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