About Us

At Gaming Exploits, we strive to produce high-quality content focused on exploits, glitches, and guides that are easy to follow and have exactly what you are looking for without having to look elsewhere. 

I’m sure you have all been in a position where you have looked for a guide and have become frustrated by perhaps the lack of detail or a missing image to help you to fully understand what you should be doing or where exactly you need to go. 

We want to be the ones that set that straight! All our guides and exploits are written by fellow, passionate gamers who understand the frustration that comes with a vague explanation or grainy image. Our articles are tried and tested so that you can pick up that missing collectable and get back to enjoying your game or go nuts with infinite experience points!

Not only are we focused on delivering quality content on our website but also via our YouTube channel! Why not check out our channel for everything glitchy! 

The Team

Liam Bartlett

Hi, I’m Liam, and I always choose the Fire-type starter Pokemon! I started Gaming Exploits at the end of 2019 and got Chris on board pretty soon after. Besides writing for the website and making videos for our YouTube channel, I’m a freelance video editor and writer within the gaming industry. I regularly work with PlayStation, Future Plc, WhatCulture, GamesRadar, and TSS. In the past, I’ve worked with THQ Nordic, Nintendo, The Golden Joystick Awards, Microsoft, Future Games Show, SEGA, and many others.
For anyone interested, my 2020 showreel can be viewed here.

Gaming has meant a lot to me from a young age, I was obsessed with Ecco the Dolphin on my SEGA Megadrive, and then doubled down with the passion when I got a PS1 and 2. One thing I absolutely loved doing as a kid, was walking to the Co-op with my sister and buying the Official PlayStation Magazine just to use the cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But, with modern games, we don’t really have cheat codes anymore, I guess that’s where Gaming Exploits comes in.

Currently Playing: Dark Souls Remastered & Call of Duty: Warzone
Favourite Game: The Last of Us: Part 2
System Of Choice: PlayStation (sorry Chris)

Chris Westwood

Hi, I’m Chris! During the day I masquerade as a teacher but in my spare time, I dedicate myself to the Gaming Exploit call to write! I have always had an urge to write and even produced my own children’s book. Being given the chance to combine my love of writing with my love of gaming has been a dream come true!

I joined GE earlier this year and am now the site’s Editor-in-Chief, managing a small team of talented and enthusiastic writers. It has been a real pleasure to see the site grow and be able to support and work with a wonderful team of people. 

My first memory of gaming is playing PGA golf with my dad on his old work computer through MS DOS.  That’s why I spend most of my time revisiting treasured older games such as Diablo 2, KOTOR, and Pokémon Yellow, to name just a few. I’m quite partial to an RPG and really enjoy role-playing a whole host of different characters. Praise the Sun!

Currently Playing: KOTOR 2 The Sith Lords, Dark Souls Remastered & Call of Duty: Warzone 
Favourite Game: How do you choose?!
System of Choice: Nintendo Switch