All 10 Kappa Statue Locations In Yakuza Like A Dragon

During chapter 5 of Yakuza Like A Dragon you unlock the part-time hero sub-story. One of the part-time hero quests requires you to find all 10 Kappa statues around Yokohama. We’ve got a list of all 10 Kappa statue locations, netting you a reward of 2 million yen, 30 member points, a Water God’s Amulet, Tempered safety glass and a Staminan XX.

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Kappa Statue 1: South Sakura River Street

By the river where Sakura River Street meets Misaki Street.

Kappa Statue 2: Sunrise Street

In a shop window on the South side of the street.

Kappa Statue 3: Survive Bar

In a cupboard on the second floor of the Survive Bar.

Kappa Statue 4: Koreatown

Run up 2 flights of metal stairs around the back of the Fukutokuchi building, get your phone out and find the statue on a balcony opposite. (Note: area unlocks in Chapter 7)

Kappa Statue 5: Restaurant Row

Head West from Restaurant row up a set of stairs to your right. When you hit an area with red chairs stop and use your phone to look at a balcony ahead of you. This is where the statue is.

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Kappa Statue 6: Red Light District

Find an alley way by a park on the East side of East Central Street. Head down there until it opens up, then turn left and look through the fence. It will be sat on a flight of stairs in front of you.

Kappa Statue 7: Jinnai Station

Just west of the station in a lift.

Kappa Statue 8: Mirai Batting Cages

Around the back of the Batting Cages.

Kappa Statue 9: Chinatown

In-between two restaurants to the West of the crossroads.

Kappa Statue 10: Hakamita park

Inside the white truck, by a vendor.

And that’s all 10 Kappa statue locations! Spend your reward wisely.

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Why not check out our YouTube channel while you’re here?