Get Inside The Vault Without An Access Card

There has been a new exploitable glitch in Fortnite where players can get access to the loot vaults without acquiring a keycard.

Entering the vault

There’s quite a bounty contained in these vaults, but it seems getting access to them has proven to be quite difficult.

Before the glitch, players would have to find the mini-bosses and then defeat them. Once defeated, the bosses would drop a key card for the player. The wielder will then have to find one of 5 vaults dotted around the Fortnite map to gain access and obtain the loot inside.
These 5 vaults are:

  • The Shark vault 
  • The Rig vault 
  • The Grotto vault 
  • The Yacht vault
  • The Agency vault.

Killing the mini-bosses seemed to be the only way to gain access into the vaults.

The new way to get in

However, a new way has been found by exploiting a glitch that allows you to get inside without all the hard work beforehand.

Famous YouTuber and online personality Ali-A was the person to discover the glitch, he shared his experience on his channel. He did the glitch at a few vaults in a private game, finding it easy to access. Then he went into a live server to see if it worked. 

How to do it?

Players must get a steamboat for this glitch to work as it is the only way to get into it without the access card. Once you have got the steam boat you need to get to the vault you want to get access to and just drive directly into the vault door. As seen in the video posted below you can see that it worked on the Agency and Rig vaults. The only way that you could tell if the glitch worked is that the screen will go blurry for a few seconds and then once it has cleared up. You will be inside the vault. 

See video below as a reference on how to do it (Starts at 1:10)

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