Upgrade Systems Of Cyberpunk 2077: What We Know So Far

With CD Projekt’s Witcher series of games (and the Thronebreaker spin-off), they’ve proven themselves as a studio that can handle RPG mechanics. Yet their familiarity of high fantasy differs quite a lot from the power scaling structure of their highly anticipated upcoming title, Cyberpunk: 2077. The deep character customization, first-person shooting mechanics, and techno-magic are rife with new, creative avenues for them to experiment with. The CD Projekt team has been relatively secretive about the menus and systems of this futuristic playground until now. But with the recent drop of their latest gameplay trailer, there’s plenty to take a deep dive in to. Without further ado, let’s jump into the upgrade systems of Cyberpunk 2077.

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Tuning Computer Hardware To Superhuman Capacity

Much in the same vein of Deus Ex or Bioshock, there seems to be a rich marketplace for body augmentation. Whether the player wants their hero to be superhumanly strong, have the reflexes of a cat, or tech hacking skills akin to an omnipotent God, the upgrade tools necessary have been laid out for you. Inside-looks at the game have shown ocular and cochlear implants unlocking which language options your character can understand. The most futuristic seems to be the tweaking of your nervous system that allows faster reaction time, mimicking time dilation. All of these additional layers, plus extra personalisation through rare collectible loot, adds up to a promising superhuman experience. Certainly, becoming an indestructible terminator is where it’s at.

How To Limit The Unlimited

All skills in games are usually defined by how much they have to be restricted. Whether through renewable resources, or rare consumables, the systems that immerse us most are the ones that feel believable. The resources they have decided to tell hacking abilities through is how much RAM (Random Access Memory) the player has built up. Based on this screenshot, hacking an enemy to turn their weapon on themselves takes an appropriately high amount of RAM. More nuanced optical information is available from the display as well. This appears to highlight enemy weaknesses along with a whole host of actionable tidbits. It would be incredible to see what types of ridiculous hacks might be accessible if a player puts enough experience into those upgrade trees. For instance, hacking into flashy cars or gun toting robots.

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More Is Always More

Just a quick glance over the upgradeable combat skills shown off in the recently released gameplay trailer hints at an absolute feast of options. Even with certain offshoots only needing 1-2 points, there is plenty of potential for diversity of combat styles and approaches. Some of the close-quarters blade combat is focused on dashing to close distances and reducing stamina/cooldowns to allow more quick slices in te heat of battle. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the rifle skill upgrades are focused on increased ADS damage and even subtle bullet time while dashing. We’ll know more of the various skill points on release of course… But I can’t be the only one curious about the skill, pictured on the right, of someone licking a katana. In short, I want that skill.

In conclusion, the journey laid out before intrepid explorers of Cyberpunk’s Night City looks to be one of numerous choices. Everything from brute forcing solutions to circumventing them completely leaves plenty of potential loose ends. With only a few more days to go, (hopefully) we can’t wait to see what the game has in store.

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