Minecraft Any Item Duplication Glitch

Minecraft has always been a popular game, creative freedom, survival, and most importantly, bugs, glitches, and exploits. This new Minecraft exploit is a simple duplication glitch without boundaries. No item is off-limits here and we will give you the step-by-step guide on how it’s done below.

How to do the Minecraft Duplication Glitch

Step 1

Firstly, you will need the following items in your quick tools bar;

  • 1 Chest,
  • 1 Diamond Pickaxe,
  • 6 Redstone,
  • 1 Redstone Torch,
  • 1 Redstone Repeater,
  • 1 Redstone Comparator,
  • 1 Sticky Piston.

Plus, the items you want to duplicate need to be in your inventory in order for this to work.

Step 2

You need to toggle your position indicator for this one as you will have to be in the position of (X 0, Z 0) for this to work. Then go ahead and build a 16 by 16 square. Making sure that the opposite corner to the (X-0, Z-0) corner is (X -15, Z 15), This is a crucial part of making this work.

Step 3

Once you have made your 16 by 16 square, you need to move down the Z-axis so that it stays at 0 (The third number on your coordinate indicator) until your X axis is at -6. Turn 45 degrees left and place your sticky piston and chest as shown below. 

Step 4

After that, you need to make it function, So set out your remaining items like so and if set up correctly. The Sticky Piston will be pushing your chest from coordinate (Z 0 to Z -1) which is the only way to make this glitch work.

Step 5

If you have already placed the torch then you will need to destroy it. You need to chest to fill with the items you want to duplicate. Once you have filled the chest, place a torch back where it was to get the chest moving again. 

Step 6

Now your chest should be pushing its way in and out of your 16 by 16 square filled with items you want to duplicate. It should be going from a neutral coordinate to a negative one. Subsequently, please check all these are correct before following the next step.

Step 7

Now that you have followed the steps, You need to ‘Save & Quit’ the world you’re in. Consequently, once you are back at the main menu, load back into the same world you started this glitch in.

Step 8

Once loaded back into the original world, you need to wait for 30 seconds. Being precise isn’t a massive factor here just don’t go under the 30 second mark. Finally, just close the application and reload the Minecraft world you were in originally.

Step 9

If you have completed this glitch correctly, you will see a second chest to the right of your original one. Inside? You guessed it. A complete replica of what is in the original. 

Remember to turn the torch off before opening the duplicated chest. This way you can take all of the items instead of half. 

Hints and Tips

  • In short, if you are wanting to keep the process going, Simply add your duplicated items into the original chest, destroy the supplication and start from Step 7 again. 
  • If you find that this glitch didn’t work the first time, don’t worry. It’s normally a 2-3 time glitch but once you’ve done it, you’ll always get it on the first try! But, this will mean you will have to start at Step 7 providing Steps 1-6 are done correctly. 
  • However, if you are still struggling and can’t seem to make this work then please watch the video 

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