Riot Games Reveal New League of Legends Skins

Riot revealed three new skins being added to the League of Legends champions Zoe, Shaco and Kog’Maw and they’re utterly magical to say the least.

Over on Twitter the Turkish League of Legends account showcased the Arcanist line that is live now on the PBE (Public Beta Ennvironment), the new cosmetic line carries on from skins such as Ezreal and features skins for Zoe, Shaco and Kog’Maw with the former getting the coveted prestige skin for release.

In the artwork, Zoe dons a bright ombre witch hat, equipped with a magical tome and a LOT of sparkles as expected with the aspect of twilight. You’d mistake her for a character in the Harry Potter franchise and the prestige edition oozes bright colours of gold.

Meanwhile, Shaco’s evil facade is exaggerated. Becoming an evil jester with his new skin which will be available in a wide range of chromas and Kog’Maw will be spitting magical slime and runes as he becomes a magical chameleon, changing colours with every step he takes. But, still looking oh so adorable as he does so.

If all goes well, they’ll be available in the new League of Legends patch launching soon. But, if you can’t wait, they’re available on the PBE now.

Liam Bartlett

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