Dead Space Franchise Reportedly Being Rebooted

Rumour has it that 2008’s scariest sci-fi classic has something new underway. The franchise kicked off in 2008 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It was and still is renowned for its intense horror that pulled no punches when it came to gore. (Raise your hand if you still have nightmares from the eyeball scene in Dead Space 2!). 

Hopes From The Fanbase

Fans worldwide have been holding out for any new Dead Space instalments since the third main entry to the series released in 2013. After all, who doesn’t want to put themselves through hell again drifting through space on a ship with The Thing-like mutants and scarce ammo, hacking and stomping your way to safety?

What We Know So Far

Three sources, Gematsu, Eurogamer and Venture Beat, stated that a remake of the iconic game is in the works. According to these sources, the remake will come from the team behind Star Wars Squadrons and Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA development studio Motive. The remake will likely follow in the vein of many recent reboots. As with the Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil series, players can expect more than just a glossy makeover; fingers crossed that it’s a run-up to perhaps a Dead Space 4!

Now, We Wait!

Little else is known so far about the project, but we’re hoping to find out more on July 22nd at the EA Play Live event. The game series was innovative with its unique game mechanics, fresh approach to survival horror and ambitious set pieces laced with lore.

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