Minecraft Dungeons XP Glitch!

Minecraft Dungeons is just as addictive as the original Minecraft, and there’s just as many exploits to find! Here’s a great one for anyone wanting to level up, either as a beginner or advanced player. Without further ado, here’s our Minecraft Dungeons XP glitch!

How To Do The Minecraft Dungeons XP Glitch

Step 1 – Going Down The Mines

All you’re going to need for this glitch is a melee weapon with a decent reach of attack. It’s not essential, but it helps to have the distance advantage. Head to Mission Select and head to Redstone Mines. Select any difficulty. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the more XP you’ll earn, but bear in mind it’ll of course be more challenging than on a lower difficulty. 
Redstone Mines | Minecraft: Dungeons Wiki | Fandom

Step 2 – I Spy A Zombie

Begin the mission, which will be to locate missing villagers. You’ll be heading south west and facing zombies and spiders. They’re easy to kill, usually one hit kills! Eventually you’ll find a spawn point for the mob of zombies. If you’re lucky, there won’t be any enemies to sneak up behind you. This means you can stand there and hold the attack button, safe from any danger behind you.
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Step 3 – Rise And Repeat

Stay here in this position for as long as you want! The zombies won’t stop coming at you. Make sure you don’t destroy the enemy spawn point. This means no animals or getting too close to the spawner. The longer you hang around, the more XP you’ll gain!
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