OBLIVION Glitches That Still Work In 2021

Yes, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion still has hundreds of glitches and exploits to take advantage of. Oblivion exploits are plentiful, and although we have a whopping nine of them here for you today, we’re just scratching the surface! There will be hundreds of Oblivion glitches that still work.

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What Are The Oblivion Glitches That Still Work?

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Item duplication glitches are the bread and butter of any Bethesda cheater. You can do item duplication exploits in Skyrim using followers, and you can double resources in Fallout 4 using the workbench. Fortunately for you, Oblivion is no different for duplicating items.

Side note: Nirnroot, quest items, damaged items, and some stolen items can’t be duplicated.

1. Ensure you have more than one of the same scroll in your inventory (the number of scrolls indicates the amount of times you’ll duplicate the item.)


2. Click on the multiple scrolls, and then go and hover over the item you wish to duplicate.


3. Drop the item you wish to duplicate and you’ll see that you dropped the same amount of items as the amount of scrolls equipped.

Bonus tip: If you’d like to duplicate more than 2 or 3 items at a time, duplicate your scrolls to make your next dupe more efficient.


The permanent effects glitch is a fun way to gain constant invisibility or underwater breathing. Combine enough of these permanent effects however, and you’ll start creeping into god mode territory.

1. Head over to the Arcane University located in the Imperial City. Note: You’ll need access to the inner segments of the university, this can be achieved by performing quests for the Mages Guild to progress the story line.

2 . Gain access to the Enchanting Table and use a ring. Note: This Oblivion exploit only works with rings, you can’t use any other type of item.

3. Now add a filled Soul Gem, and name your soon-to-be enchanted ring.

4. Choose the attribute/ effect to add to the ring.

5. Use the Item duplication glitch from earlier.

6. After you’ve picked up your duplicated rings off the ground, it’s time to duplicate them again. But this time, make sure you’re wearing one of the rings. When duplicating them again, make sure that you don’t drop the ring you’re wearing.

7. After dropping doing the duplication process and dropping the ring that isn’t equipped, the ring on the floor should have (2) next to the name. This means that the Oblivion glitch worked!

8. You’ll now notice that your stats have gone up, and you’re no longer wearing a ring. You now have permanent stats and a free space to wear a new ring. This can be done as many times as possible, and you can build some insanely powerful characters doing so.


I get it, you’re a sneaky little thief and need to lower the heat on some of your stolen items. Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Firstly, you’re going to need 2 of the stolen item you wish to… cleanse. So do the duplication glitch from earlier to make 2 of the stolen item.

2. Drop both of the stolen items.

3. When you pick up your stolen items, wearing one of them will take away the stolen tag.

It’s as easy as that!


Once fresh out the sewers, players can take advantage of a game-breaking glitch almost instantaneously. Is there somewhere unreachable you’d like to get to? A wall you’d like to jump over? This Oblivion exploit has you covered!

Paintbrushes are notorious (in Oblivion) for ignoring the rules of physics. When dropped, they float. Using this strange glitch, you can reach any point in the game.

1. Head over to the Imperial City, and start checking in barrels for paint brushes, once you’ve found some, and a couple of scrolls, you can begin duplicating hundreds of paint brushes.

2. Now, one at a time, begin aiming your crosshair, going into your inventory and dropping a paintbrush.

Each time you drop a paintbrush, it’ll float in front of you. Jump on it, and drop another, keep doing so to build a staircase of physics defying paintbrushes.


Using the paintbrush glitch from before, you can build a staircase in a specific location to complete the game.

For some explicable reason, reaching this location will propel you into the end cutscene.

  1. Head over to the Temple District in the Imperial City. You’re going to want to position yourself near the front of the main building.

2. Once you’re in position, it’s time to start dropping paintbrushes like before.

3. Jump on top of your paintbrushes.

4. Drop more paintbrushes, and keep repeating the process. It’s best to do this, while coiling around the building.

Be sure to save often, if you fall it’s frustrating to have to climb back up.

5. Once you make it to this ledge, jump onto it.

6. Put some more paintbrushes down, and begin climbing upwards, you’ll notice the wall in front isn’t solid.

7. Slowly work your way down inside the middle of the building. It’s recommended that you use paintbrushes for this, but if your acrobatics is high enough, it’s possible to drop down without dying. Maybe save before you attempt to drop the whole way down.

8. Now that you’re at the bottom, you’ll need to work your way over to the South West (SW) side where you’ll see a broken, glitched looking door.

9. Walk almost through the door (Not Completely!) and turn your camera behind you, you’ll see a random door sticking out of the floor.

10. Walk over to the door, even though it says the same location when hovering over it, it takes you to another place completely.

11. You’ll appear inside after going through the door, but the room will be red.

12. Turn yourself around and go back through the door you came in. You’ll end up outside and Oblivion gates will be everywhere. This is because you’re at the end of the game.

13. Have a stroll around the Imperial City, and wait for some time to pass. You just need to waste some time in-game while you wait for a message to pop up that says ‘the city has been overrun’.

14. The message will finally pop up, and you’ll need to make it your active quest. Now simply go back into the temple and wait 12 hours.

15. Once the count down has finished, you’ll have Martin Septim run over to you.

16. Finish your conversation with Martin Septim, and then the endgame cutscene will begin.


Just like the countless amount of glitches sneak glitches in Skyrim, you can easily max out your sneak level in Oblivion. This is incredibly helpful because it’s right at the beginning of the game.

  1. Create your character and wait for Uriel Septim to show up in your cell.

2. Follow Septim and his body guards out of the cell.

3. Follow the guards as they fight, you don’t need to join in if you don’t want to.

4. When the guards leave, you’ll be attacked by two rats that break through a wall, kill them.

5. After grabbing the bow from the skeleton, and heading through the locked door, you’ll be attacked by two more rats. Kill them too.

6. When heading down the ramp through the tunnel, DON’T kill the rats running at you, they aren’t hostile. They’re actually running away from the zombie, kill the zombie.

After you kill the zombie, one rat in front will become hostile and start attacking, kill that rat.

7. Turn back around and run back up the ramp where the two non-hostile rats ran. You’ll notice that these rats still aren’t hostile.

8. Instead of killing the rats, crouch to go into sneak mode, and begin sneaking at the wall in front of you.
Because the rats aren’t attacking, but are still alive, you’ll be gaining unlimited sneak level in Oblivion, just by running at this wall!


Whether you’ve just made it out of the sewer, or you’re an Oblivion veteran with 700+ hours in one save, you can do this glitch right now.

  1. Head over to the Mages Guild in Anvil and join up.

2. Once you’ve got your mages key, head upstairs to the mages living quarters, and steal the potion of paralysis and the silver dagger.

3. Now head to the Imperial City Plaza District, and go into Dorians house. (This can potentially be done with anyone).

4. Pop the paralysis potion on your silver dagger and give Dorian a slap with it.

5. Dorian will hit the ground, quickly go into his inventory and spam click on his gold.

6. You’ll notice that his gold will never leave his pocket, simultaneously, your amount of gold will keep going up.

7. Spam this until you’re satisfied with the amount of gold you’ve…(ahem) acquired.

8. ‘But won’t I have to give it all back when Dorian calls the guards on me?’ I hear you ask. Oh, not at all. If a guard sends you to jail for this, although your bounty will be very high, you’ll, for some strange reason, keep all of your gold.

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  1. Head into the Fighting Arena.

2. Once you’re in, you can find the Basin of Renewal.

3. Simply spam the restoration spell until you deplete your Magicka.

4. Once your Magicka has full depleted, activate the Basin of Renewal, rinse and repeat!


This exploit is extremely helpful if you want to cheese your way through the arena storyline, it’s also incredibly funny!

  1. Go to the arena for a fight.

2. Make sure you have a scroll that summons a creature.

3. When the fight starts, summon your creature and hold the block button.

4. For some strange reason, the enemy will ignore your creature, and only go after you. If you stand still blocking, you’ll take little to no damage, and your summoned creature will make quick work of the enemy. Easy!

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