Skyrim Blacksmith Glitch

Everyone who has played Skyrim knows the amount of time and money it takes to max out the smithing skill. Well, this Skyrim blacksmith glitch will not only max out your blacksmith skill in a matter of minutes. It will also net you thousands of gold in the process!

How to do the Skyrim blacksmith glitch

To do the Skyrim blacksmith glitch you’ll need to acquire a large amount of iron ore, use the transmute spell to turn it into gold ore. Smelt all of the gold ore into gold ingots, and then finally turn the gold ingots into gold rings at the forge. This will boost your smithing level to 100 in minutes and will make you a large sum of gold in the process.

Read on to find out how to do it.

Activate the Warrior Stone

Firstly, before doing anything, you’re going to want to activate the Warrior Stone for extra XP. Head to the Guardian Stones, south of Riverwood. You can see it in the picture below. The Warrior Stone will give you a bonus of 20% XP to smithing.


Even more bonus XP

If you want to nab yourself even more bonus XP, there’s two more things you can do.

  1. Sleep in your own house, or at an Inn. This will grant you the well rested perk, which will skyrocket the XP you earn by an extra 10%.
  2. Equip any gear that enhances smithing. You can get a ring that enhances smithing by 20% by completing the Forsworn Conspiracy (the first quest when you arrive at Markarth.)

First lessons

You’ll need to get yourself the Transmute spell. This spell is a part of the Alteration school, and is used to change iron ore to silver ore, and silver ore to gold ore.

  1. The Transmute spell can be located a little north – northwest of Whiterun, at a camp called Halted Stream. You’ll have a few low level bandits to kill.
  2. Run to the back of the camp, and you’ll see the entrance to a mine.
  3. Enter the mine and kill the bandits.
  4. After killing the bandits, one of the corpses will have a key to the locked gate on your right.
  5. Run through and kill the bandits and the boss.
  6. On the table by the boss is the Spell Tome: Transmute Mineral Ore.

The silver hand

So, obviously you’ll need to nab yourself some iron ore. Fortunately, there’s three incredibly quick ways to do this.

  1. Fast travel town to town and buy iron ore from all the merchants (normally 6 gold a piece.)
  2. Grab a pickaxe, head to the Halted Stream Mines from earlier, and mine all sixteen veins of iron ore in the mine.
  3. You can get yourself one piece of iron ore, and then use this easy Item Duplication glitch to get as many pieces as you want.

Bonus Tip: When mining, equip your pickaxe as a weapon and attack the ore veins. This process is actually 10 times quicker than interacting with the vein, and getting the mining animation.


Transmuting the mundane

Now that you’ve gathered up all of that lovely, lovely iron ore, it’s time to get transmuting. To do this, simply go into your Alteration spells, equip transmute, and start casting it!

It’s that simple. You’ll begin turning iron ore to silver, and silver to gold.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t have a very high Magicka level, be sure to stock up on Magicka regeneration potions. Or, you can wait for one in-game hour to full stock your Magicka.
This spell will boost your Alteration, so it will eventually cost less Magicka to use.


Taking care of business

Next for this Skyrim blacksmith glitch, find a smelter, these are in most major cities. I tend to use the Whiterun smelter as it’s close to Breezehome.

Smelt all of your gold ore down to gold ingots, for every two pieces of gold ore you use, you’ll receive one gold ingot.

This is a very quick process and will also level up your smithing.

Now turn to the forge, and start crafting ‘gold rings’ from your gold ingots. You’ll get two gold rings worth 75 gold, each time you use a gold ingot. Prepare for your smithing level to SKYROCKET!

Keep doing this until you’re level 100.


How much money will you make?

The table below will give you an idea of the money you can make while levelling up your smithing, using this Skyrim blacksmith glitch.

How to acquireResourceValue
MineIron ore (100)200 gold
Transmute iron oreSilver ore (100)2,500 gold
Transmute silver oreGold ore (100)5,000 gold
Smelt gold oreGold ingots (50)5,000 gold
Forge gold ingotsGold rings (100)7,500 gold

If you were to enchant all of the rings you forged, you could earn a few thousand per ring!

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