Spider-Man XP Farming Glitch 2020

Here is a step by step guide to help you spidey fans get a massive amount of XP by this simple glitch that has surprisingly been active for more than 6 months now!

Acquire Air Tricks.

This skill is in the Webslinger section of the Skills tab on your spidey menu. This skill helps you gain extra Focus and XP whilst doing aerial tricks. 

Get to this location

This location is situated on the upper west side district next to a demon warehouse enemy base. Stand next to this building to get to the right location.

Find the truck

This is the truck that you’re looking to find when you are in this location. From here, You want to jump on top of the van and you will be in the falling position already, You will not land on your feet when jumping on top of this van. See photo below for reference.


This is the simplest part of it all, Whilst on the top of the van you will notice that you cannot fall off. You can move around but you will not fall off unless you do so with your controller. This is where the glitch comes into play. Holding down triangle and Circle at the same time you will perform an ‘Air-Roll’ where for each roll you will earn 2XP each roll. Ok, this doesn’t sound like a lot if you do it over the course of an hour. Imagine the amount you gain if you were left rolling all night? This glitch at the moment isn’t patched and some believe it will never be patched due to it being an environmental problem and not being so popular at the moment.

Have fun with it. Do it whilst you can, Just think, What would Uncle Ben say?

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