Valheim: How to Easily Kill a Troll

Valheim released recently, and with it came lots of monsters to tackle in the Norse world. One of those monsters is big, blue and… big. We’re talking of course, about Trolls. If you’re wondering how to kill a Troll easily in Valheim, you’ve come to the right place.

When you first see them, the ground shakes and you run the other way. But after you’ve read this guide, you’ll be chasing them back into their caves.

It’s worth mentioning that, if you do kill a Troll, you’ll acquire 5 pieces of Troll Hide, which is enough to make some Troll Armour on a level 3 Crafting Station.

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How to Easily Kill a Troll in Valheim

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One at a Time

Killing Eikthyr first is recommended, but isn’t a must! This is because players can unlock Eikthyr’s power, it gives a boost to speed, and stamina regeneration.

This is extremely helpful, because Trolls are pretty quick, and they’re likely to throw boulders at you. You’ll spend a lot of your time running and jumping when fighting a Troll, so stamina is important here!

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Bring Along a Friend

Having a friend drop into your Valheim server will be incredibly helpful. One player can lead the Troll away, while the other fills his back with arrows.

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Bring a Hammer, lots of Stone, and lots of Wood. If you don’t really feel like fighting the Troll, you can throw down ridiculous amounts of Campfires, and lure the Troll through them. A Craft Station ISN’T required for a Campfire so you can really spread them out.

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Weapon of Choice

Fight using a bow with fire arrows. This tip may seem simple, but plenty of us have died when trying to take a Troll on with a club. Jumping around and constantly moving while firing arrows is a sure-fire way to drop that Troll. The additional use of fire arrows will keep him burning while you’re lining up your next shot.

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BOOM… Headshot!

Aim for the face. If you pop the Troll right in his face, he’ll stagger for a few seconds, allowing you to get a couple of free hits.

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Free Money

Try to lure the Troll into a Copper Deposit in the Black Forest. If you can get the Troll to Hulk Smash the deposit, he’ll begin sinking and won’t be able to get out. Also… Free copper!

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Rock Bottom

A bit of a combination of two of our tips, but try digging a big hole and putting Campfires at the bottom. Lure the Troll over and watch how it quickly gets stuck and then goes up in flames.

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Find a Troll Cave, enter it, shoot the Troll, leave the cave, repeat.

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