Outriders: Quickest Legendary Loot Farm

Get yourself as many legendary weapons as you can carry with this Outriders: quickest legendary loot farm!

Square Enix’s Outriders demo is upon us, and until April 1st 2021, players’ outriders are capped at level 7. Fortunately, there’s still plenty to grind for until April. Legendary weapons, although difficult to obtain, are up for grabs in the demo. Ten of these sought out death machines are hiding in the game for you to get your hands on. And, luckily for you, we know the quickest way to farm them.

What’s the Quickest Legendary Loot Farm in Outriders?

Step 1

Get yourself to world 4 or 5, this will obviously go a lot easier on world 5.

Step 2

Hop over to the lobby.

Step 3

In the Outriders lobby menu, you can select points in the story to start from. Scroll to Rift Town. Choose ‘Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room‘.

Step 4

After meeting with them, go out and cut through to the Solar Tower like the mission says.

Step 5

Once you get to the part just before the tower where heavy enemies start charging at you in groups, run past them.

Step 6

Further up the hill you’ll come up to more heavy enemies, run in circles to get the 20 or so enemies in a crowd.

Step 7

Use an ability to take out most of the heavies. This works best if you’re either the Trickster or Devastator classes.

Step 8

Once you’ve killed all enemies but one, search the bodies for loot.

Step 9

If legendary loot didn’t drop from any of these guys, let the last enemy kill you. It will spawn you back to this point, and you’ll be able to start farming once again.

Step 10

Keep trying until you’re stacked with legendary equipment.

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