A Beginners Guide To Skyrim

Despite Skyrim launching on every major console since its release in 2011, Players are still intrigued as to what it’ll look like on the next platform. Whether you’ve completed it once or dozens of times on your PS3, Xbox One or on your toaster, you’ll likely still be searching next-gen gameplay.

But before they inevitably arrive along with Elder Scrolls 6, here are some top tips in our beginners guide to Skyrim, for you to immerse yourself even deeper into the ever-giving world of Tamriel.

Low Effort, High Reward

The best place to start in our beginners guide to Skyrim, has to be the weapons. Some of the most powerful weapons in the game are stumbled upon by chance. A personal favourite of mine is the Dawnbreaker. It’s a one-handed sword that deals 12 points of damage, with an extra 15 points of fire damage.
This badass burner is your reward for completing the side quest The Break of Dawn.

The quest can be initiated after finding a mysterious stone called Meridia’s Beacon. Finding this is randomised and different for each player.

  1. Once you do find it, head to the west of Solitude to Meridia’s statue and deliver it.
  2. Then, enter the temple, and take out a ton of low-level enemies.
  3. Your reward for this easy task? One of the best-looking and most powerful one-handed weapons in the game.

Do you really need that extra tomato?

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone that has played Skyrim, reaches a point where they realise they’ve hoarded a ton of crap. Although I should have learned from these mistakes, I still found myself hoarding tomatoes and potatoes for HP at level 50. But, let’s be honest, munching seventy tomatoes mid-fight is time-consuming and weighty.

To compromise, invest in some potions. They’ll do the job by replenishing your health bar in one juicy hit. It seems like an obvious tip, but nobody does it.


Buy/Sell Local

If you’re like me, there are very few towns in Skyrim you’re welcome in. Being challenged by a guard to pay a hefty fee is second nature to you (what can I say, I just like starting fights?)

I urge you to keep at least one town murder-free. This will help uphold a rapport with the local tradespeople. For me, Solitude was my go-to, due to the convenience of its local shop, Bits and Pieces. Sell everything you have to the shopkeeper, wait for 48 hours and all gold will have replenished, ready for you to resume business.

Nazeem, that's not your shop... : skyrim

Know Your Limits, and Theirs

This is the ultimate piece of advice in our beginners guide to Skyrim. If you’re not in the mood for a stressful battle. Especially with a far more powerful enemy. Thankfully, many battles in Skyrim share one unifying flaw.

If things are getting too much, take a few steps back into the previous room or chamber. This will cause your enemy to stumble around looking for you.
They’ll wonder whether their skull really had been struck by eighteen glass arrows.

This trick works especially well in dungeons or other areas with multiple winding paths. Sit back and relax as you fire arrow after arrow, effortlessly boosting your Sneak and Archery levels.
You may want to bring something to read, as taking down a Dragon Priest with your bow and arrow alone will take some perseverance!


Let us know if you had any luck with these simple tips by tweeting us, we always reply!
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