GTA V Peter Griffin AFK RP And Money Farming Exploit

Recently we published a quick RP grind for GTAV where you could quite easily farm 400RP in a repeatable exploit but what about farming both RP AND money with an exploit that doesn’t even require you to touch your controller after the initial setup? Here’s how to execute the GTA V Peter Griffin AFK RP and money farming exploit.

A few notes before we start: make sure to have a friend to do this with as you will need to make your own custom lobby invite only session with them and you will also need to bookmark the ‘Peter Griffin’s AFK.FIB.INSIDER.RP’ job from the Rockstar Games social site for use in game.

Step One: By Invitation Only 

This exploit will only work in the online mode and you need to make sure your session is set to ‘invite only’ for the best outcome.

Step Two: Let’s A Go

Head into your GTA V online menu, then bookmarked jobs, then capture, and finally Peter Griffin’s AFK.FIB.INSIDER.RP. Now create the lobby.

Step Three: 999 Rounds And Counting

If you are correctly on invite only, you will now have a custom lobby ready with the capture mission and a set 999 rounds before a win.

Invite a friend, put your controller down and you’re done! Using this method we left the mission running for around 12 hours and gained around $2 million in game currency as well as a fair amount of RP.

There’s your GTA V Peter Griffin AFK RP and money farming exploit that will help you further your gameplay in limitless ways! How have you used this exploit to your advantage?

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