How To Duplicate ANYTHING In Minecraft Multiplayer!

Everyone loves Minecraft, and with friends, Minecraft is even better. Whether you’re getting geared up and showing off your loot, hoarding materials, or building huge, impressive structures, there’s nothing that quite beats the feeling of opening a loaded chest. But getting that chest full of diamonds, armour  or whatever it is you want can be time consuming, and it could take all day to get what you need. Well, if you’re playing Minecraft Java edition version 1.15 and you have a friend on the same server, you have everything you need to duplicate anything in Minecraft!

Beast Of Burden

The first thing you’ll need is your own loyal steed – a donkey, to be more specific. They can spawn in plains, Savannah, and Village biomes. You won’t need a saddle for this to work, so don’t worry about that but you will need to tame it. This can be done by getting onto the donkey’s back repeatedly until it stops kicking you off and hearts start to come out of it. 

The Treasure Chest

Get yourself a regular old chest, and put it on the donkey by holding the chest and right-clicking or using R2 or RT, depending on what system you’re playing on. It’ll appear on the back legs of the creature, and you’ll be able to open it without getting on the donkey’s back by crouching first. 

Easy Money

Open the chest, then have a friend get on the donkey. Put whatever you want to duplicate in the donkey’s inventory, then have your friend log out. The donkey will leave the game with them, but you’ll still be in it’s inventory. Take out whatever you put in, and when your friend logs back in, the donkey’s inventory will be the same as when they left, so you now have two copies of whatever you took out. That’s it, you can do it as many times as you like to duplicate anything you want in Minecraft!

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