New FromSoftware PS5 Exclusive?

While we wait with trepidation and excitement for From Software’s Elden Ring, scheduled to release in 2022, what’s wrong with a little rumour? And who wouldn’t want another Souls-like game? (Bloodborne 2, Bloodborne 2 – pleaseeee!).


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However, if rumour is to be believed, From Software are in fact working on something completely different. According to a story reported by GamesRadar and followed up on Twitter, From Software are indeed brewing up a new PS5 exclusive Souls like game!

The rumour was originally mentioned on the Real Deal Xbox Era podcast discussing the fact that it will be a PS exclusive and will NOT be a Bloodborne sequel. Obviously, this is just a rumour and isn’t actually true but the fact that so many people and gaming outlets have picked this up does get you thinking…

In an age where Xbox are supposedly moving away from ‘exclusives’, could a PS5 only Souls-like game really be on the cards?

How would you feel about a new Souls-like exclusive for PS5? Or maybe you just want Bloodborne 2?! Let us know over on our Twitter!

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