Why Apex Legends Is One Of The Best Battle Royale Games

No one can deny Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royale games. Many people have left Fortnite and only the real OGs have stuck with Call of Duty throughout the years. Apex, however, has got a constant flow of old and new gamers joining, revisiting, or continuing all the time. But why? Let’s look into why Apex Legends is one of the best Battle Royale games out there.

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Starting with the obvious, Apex has one of the most impressive levels of representation in any video game. Six of the 18 characters are confirmed to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

These include Valkyrie as your unquestioning lesbian, Gibraltar is gay, Fuse and Seer are pansexual, Loba is bisexual (yes we ship Valk and Loba), Bloodhound is non-binary, and Mirage is either pansexual or bisexual. Mirage isn’t technically confirmed but in a recent comic strip he stated he was confused about his sexuality and described his status issue as “already standing-in-quicksand”. 

This, alongside the array of gender representation, is something to be proud of! 

Art Style

As with all great games, a distinctive art style can always go a long way! Apex has a very descriptive, almost illustrative style about it with a clear influence of Borderlands with less heavy outlines. The characters are very different from one another with clear fashion styles and variety in tastes. Having this degree of choice between aesthetics can help to appeal to different people and encourage more people to play! 

The settings are also incredibly well put together. The ever-changing map designs can feature picturesque landscapes and some truly fascinating skies! Season 10’s World’s Edge has a dark thunderstorm in the sky with red lightning bolts striking through the clouds. It’s hard not to get distracted by the beauty! 


Alongside the PUBs and Ranked games you can play through, you can also unlock comic strips that explain the underlying storyline of the Apex games and why everyone is on these weird and wonderful worlds. Without spoiling anything, it explains the drive behind each characters’ appearance as Legends and why the worlds occasionally crack through with lava and deadly holes. 

The storyline is inventive and original. The retelling of real-world events has already been done with Call of Duty, and honestly, it wasn’t something I personally enjoyed about it. Comparatively, Apex’s diverse and compelling storyline makes it even more enjoyable to play! You can even begin to care for the characters you main. Having this storyline is presumably the main reason the game has such a large base of fan groups and cosplayers. 

Gun Selection

Taking time to go through the Firing Range and testing out all the gun options can make the game a whole lot more fun once you’ve picked your favourites. The best part is that everyone’s favourite will be different, there’s definitely popular ones but ultimately some will prefer using fully automatic over semi-automatic and vice versa! 

Having such a vast collection makes it easy to have different gun users in a squad meaning little overlap in requirements and a more personalised gaming experience. You can’t beat that!


Lastly, almost everything in Apex can be customised. You decide what badges to show off, what trackers to show, what outfit to wear, and more! I always spend forever in character customisation menus where possible so being able to add this personal touch to the game is a win by my standards. Not to mention how cool all the legendary items can look! 

Now that you’ve got a little more information on why Apex Legends is one of the best Battle Royale games, will you be giving it a go? If you already play then how long have you been playing? 

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Why not check out our YouTube channel while you’re here?