GTA Online 3 Card Poker Glitch

How to do the GTA Online 3 card poker glitch

With GTA Online being one of the most popular games to be released in the past 7 years. GTA Online is known for its extreme Glitches and Exploits. And the most impressive display of gaming engineering. So when it comes to a vast open world online server. Gamers that will not stop at anything to find the latest bugs and patches in the game. This will give them an advantage in an already violent world of Los Santos.

The Poker House

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar games has released many mini locations and mini jobs for players to do including; Heists, Races & Team Deathmatch. One of their latest locations in the Los Santos environment is the Casino called The Diamond Casino. Here players can gamble their hard earned cash in slots, roulette and poker. Purchase high-end apartments situated at the top of the Casino and have a chance daily to win a Luxury Car from the Lucky Wheel. 

3 Card Poker Explained

Whether you play against the dealer or fellow players, three-card poker is played with one deck. In GTA, you compete against a dealer who stands in front of a customized table. Rockstar did an incredible job of replicating a real casino.

The card poker table is elegantly designed and features logos and features you find in Las Vegas casinos. You can also view the minimum bet on a card displayed next to the dealer. You can also increase the bet size if you’re in a mood to splurge your loot in the game.

When it comes to rules, 3-card poker is slightly different from most online poker games. Unlike Texas Hold’em where flushes rank higher than straights, the opposite is true in 3-card poker. So, when you land a straight in the game, make sure you up your ante to the maximum.

The method

GTA Online 3 Card Poker Glitch is a super simple glitch that has been working for ages. Tested and proven.

  1. Go to casino 3 card poker
  2. Max bet chips
  3. If you win leave table and change outfit ( forced game save )
  4. If lose close app asap and reload.

All chips should still be yours. Only do as a backup if all the main glitches are patched at the moment.

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