Skate 4 Confirmed!

First off, it’s not actually called Skate 4; it’s called Skate. And secondly, this isn’t a drill; a new Skate game is definitely in the works. The trailer, which dropped on July 19th states at the beginning, “Okay, it’s been eleven years, and we all want to know: what’s up with Skate?”. The backdrop for this narration is a dark warehouse, illuminated by powerful, flickering white lights. The reveal is ambiguous but entirely intriguing and welcome, especially when the single word “skate” appears on-screen. It’s dream-like.

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What Will It Feature?

Enter the skaters, motion capture suit-wearing professionals flip-tricking off rails, boxes and quarter pipes. They’re being studied by cameras that are relaying their movements to computer programmers in the next room. There’s a point-of-view camera attached to each of the skaters’ helmets also; could this hint at our first POV mode in a Skate game? “The truth is, it’s early. We’re still working on it” says Deran Chung, whose Skate franchise credits include being a Media Specialist on the 2007 series debut and as a Video Editor and Compositor on 2010’s third instalment, Skate 3. However, an array of lucky gamers in the trailer had sampled readily-created content. Their gasps and cheers of excitement overlap one another, but what we can make out is nothing but thrilling: “It just looks beautiful, this whole open-world”, “It reminds me of Skate 2”, “You can climb!”, “You guys are in the fu**ing future!”. Though the news of the game being open-world is no surprise, fans will most likely rejoice in the joy of gamer Aaron’s impressed comment regarding climbing. Though the games are massively popular and hated on by just about nobody, many will agree that the off-board mechanics for navigating these worlds have sometimes been difficult to operate. However, this issue is so minor that it hardly detracts from the overall experience. Presumably, the idea of improved climbing mechanics will be extremely welcomed by Skate fans.

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Listening To The Fans!

Producer at Black Box, Cuz Parry, seen at the end, states, “our big thing is don’t f**k it up”. Renowned for listening to their community, it’s refreshing and wholesome to see the team genuinely listening to their audience’s wishes from the ambitious and game-changing skateboard series. The trailer ends on a self-aware tease, showing the warehouse lights turn off again and the narrator disappointedly yelling, “So we’re just going to end here? That’s it? This is such a tease!”There’s no confirmed release date or info on console playability. However, hopefully we’ll be looking at a current and next-gen release from 2022-2023. But just knowing that a fourth Skate instalment not only exists but has supposedly impressive material in its early stages is more than enough to satisfy our decade of deprivation from a new Skate.

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